Mars and Native Celtic Healer Deities

Name: Lenus (Healing)

Number of Inscriptions: 2

Description: Lenus was worshipped almost exclusively by the Treveri of the Moselle area, the region that now western Germany near modern day Luxembourg. He is attested to twice in Britain, both times in conjunction with Mars. It is possible that what was once thought to be a ‘villa’ at Chedworth is in fact a temple to Lenus. The most peculiar aspect of the inscriptions that remain is the statue to which the inscription at Caerwent was attached. Here we find two pairs of feet, one human and the other the webbed feet of a bird. Most scholars believe the webbed feet to belong to a goose, a normal association made with Mars in the north along Hadrian’s Wall. This is considered odd because the goose is exclusively associated with deities of war.

Name: Nodens/Nudens (Healing/Hunting/Sea)

Number of Inscriptions: 5

Description: He is the best attested to of the native Celtic deities. We have five inscriptions total remaining, three of which come from a shine to Nodens located at Lydney Park. The remaining two were found at Cockersand Moss. Most notably remarkable about the god Nodens is the temple complex that was located at Lydney Park. The complex rested upon a hill overlooking the Severn River. It consisted of a sanctuary with a large guest house/hostel, baths, and a long building that most likely served as a dormitory or abaton. The inscriptions were found with a significant amount of iconographic evidence which points towards his worship as a healing deity.

Name: Ocelus (Healing)

Number of Inscriptions: 2

Description: Very little is known about the god Ocelus. He is attested to in only three inscriptions. It is thought that Ocelus’ origin stems from the native tribe of the Silures. They were indigenous to the area that is now southeastern Whales. His cult worship was then brought northward under Roman occupation.


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